Case Studies of Successful Centralized Management Implementations

Are you tired of jumping from one platform to another trying to manage your tech stack? Have you ever experienced time wasted with team members trying to figure out which platform to use for what task? Or struggling with redundancies in tools and having difficulty in sharing information across teams?

Welcome to the era of centralized management solutions that eliminate the hassle of managing siloed tech tools across teams. In this article, we take a deep dive into some of the most successful centralized management implementations examples that have transformed the way organizations manage their tech infrastructures.

What is Centralized Management?

Centralized Management Systems refer to a single dashboard or interface that provides a unified view of all the technology management functions across an organization, including hardware, software systems, network configurations, and security. It is a form of IT asset management that enables organizations to manage their IT assets from a central location.

Experts suggest that centralized management systems can solve many data management problems for businesses, large and small, including but not limited to:

But what does successful centralized management look like? Here are some examples:

Case Study 1: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is a global leader in smart buildings and energy storage solutions. They have over 105,000 employees all working in different global locations. This scenario posed a logistical challenge for the company regarding managing such a wide range of IT infrastructure across their many locations effectively.

Johnson Controls implemented a centralized management platform that streamlined its IT infrastructure, and ensured that it was available 24/7/365. The platform enabled the IT department to maintain a secure, efficient, and up-to-date infrastructure, reducing the need for manual intervention.

With the centralized management platform in place, the IT team could:

The outcome of this solution? Johnson Controls saved both money and time, allowing them to focus more on their core business rather than struggling with IT management.

Case Study 2: HelloSign

HelloSign, a leading document signing and digital workflow platform, reached a stage where its employees had different preferences for tools, including communication, project management, and more, which hindered sharing information and collaboration.

To resolve this issue, HelloSign adopted a centralized management system that streamlined its internal processes and enabled its IT team to manage all software tools in one place, giving the team more control over choosing which tools to use and assigning roles and permissions.

With the centralized management platform, the IT team could:

The primary benefit of adopting a centralized management system for HelloSign was increased efficiency, which reduced internal friction, saved time, and improved employee morale.

Case Study 3: Five9

Five9 is a leading contact center solution provider with a formidable customer base. As the company grew, so did the challenges in managing their contact center agents, with different teams using different tools and processes.

Five9's solution was to adopt a centralized management system that could manage all aspects of the contact center process in one place, from scheduling to workforce training, and from call routing to performance optimization.

The centralized management platform allowed Five9's IT team to:

The result is that Five9 improved the customer experience by reducing call lengths, enhancing interaction quality and capacity, and engaging and training agents more effectively.

The Takeaway

The above case studies have demonstrated that implementing centralized management systems can bring numerous benefits to companies, small and large alike.

Centralized management solutions:

If you're struggling with managing multiple tools, software platforms or infrastructure solutions at the same time, then implementing a centralized management system would be a great solution. Take the time to investigate, explore existing customer reviews, and gather testimonials to see what suits your business requirements.

At, we provide numerous solutions for successfully centralizing management of cloud-based and software application tools across an array of industries. Reach out to us today and see how we can help your business rise with centralized management systems.

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